Iodine Deficiency and Thyroid Nodules

Iodine deficiency and thyroid nodules.

Thyroid disorders are a common occurrence among women, especially as we age. So much so, that studies suggest thyroid nodules are four times more likely in women than in men, and their frequency increases with both age and low iodine intake, and the concern is that thyroid disorders can take a toll on a person’s physical and mental health.(1) So, what can be done to safeguard women’s thyroid health?

The Key Is Iodine

Nodules do tend to develop more often in patients with a family history of nodules.(2) While you cannot change your genetics, you have control over your iodine intake. Evidence shows that singular nodules will gradually disappear once iodine deficiency has been addressed.(3) Sufficient iodine each and everyday can help heal and prevent nodules.

Many countries now have salt iodination programs, since providing iodized salt reduces the incidence of hypothyroidism in the population.(4) However, there are health risks related to salt intake that can outweigh the benefits.

Risks of Iodized Salt Intake

People prone to hypertension must restrict their salt intake to prevent fatal heart and artery-related illnesses. For them, iodized salt is not an option. Research has also found a link between salt intake and inflammation, raising some concerns about relying on iodized salt as a primary source of dietary iodine.(5)

That’s where Thyroid Warrior comes in. The nascent iodine used in Thyroid Warrior offers the benefits of iodine without the health risks iodized salt may pose.

But how much iodine do we need to be healthy?

Increasing Iodine Intake to Fight Halide Toxicity

Dr. David Brownstein, a certified family physician and the Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine, has worked with many patients who suffer from thyroid issues. In his recent clinical study, he found that he had to increase the dose of iodine supplementation above what was previously recommended by health officials.

Brownstein notes that iodine levels in the U.S. population have declined by over 50% in the last 30 years, while simultaneously, autoimmune disorders and hyperthyroid symptoms have increased in the population.(6)

The modern world has also increased exposure to toxic halides such as fluoride and bromide. The danger of halides is that they share similar structural elements with iodine, which allows halides to bind to the body in the same way that iodine can, competing with iodine.

Thyroid Health Affects Overall Health

Brownstein hypothesized that the elevated levels of toxic halides (fluoride and bromide) in modern environments and food supplies had depleted many of his patient’s iodine levels. Higher doses of iodine would be necessary to fight the deficiency as well as remove the halides and heavy metals from the body. He shares his observations after choosing to increase iodine supplementation levels:

"As I started to use larger doses of iodine (12.5-50mg/day), I began to see positive results in my patients. Goiters and nodules of the thyroid shrank. Cysts on the ovaries became smaller and began to disappear. Patients reported increased energy. Metabolism was increased, as evidenced by my patients having new success in losing weight. Libido improved in men and women. People suffering from brain fog reported a clearing of their foggy feelings. Patients reported having vivid dreams and better sleep. Most importantly, those with chronic illnesses that were having a difficult time improving began to notice many of their symptoms resolving." - Dr. David Brownstein (6

By increasing the dosage of iodine, the deficiencies in Brownstein’s patients were finally resolved. The iodine had the additional benefit of increased excretion of bromide and fluoride from the body.

Halides in Your Environment

Avoiding toxic halides is another step you can take towards better thyroid health. Environmental toxins are toxins in our world that are known to interrupt normal biological functioning. (7) These include bromine, chlorine, and fluoride which all block the iodine receptors in the thyroid causing thyroid dysfunction. The thyroid needs adequate iodine levels in order to produce thyroid hormones. If fluorine, chlorine, and bromine are displacing iodine, your thyroid won’t have enough iodine to produce thyroid hormones, which can lead to thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism and goiters. (8) Halides are often used in pool disinfectants, fire retardants for fabrics, in computer production, and pesticides. They are part of our everyday lives. You will not be able to avoid them entirely, but detoxing daily and maintaining an awareness will help you avoid them.

How Dangerous Are Thyroid Nodules?

Thyroid nodules and nodules on the breasts or reproductive organs are generally not malignant but should be monitored. Initially, the nodules and cysts form when the structure of these glands is damaged. Should the condition worsen, cancer cells can develop.

Most nodules do not cause cancer, but they can produce excess thyroid hormone, leading to thyroid disorders such as thyroiditis. In general, nodules and cysts are an indicator that an iodine deficiency is present. You can have your iodine levels checked by a healthcare professional at your next appointment to ensure iodine deficiency is not causing structural damage to your glands.

High-Quality Nascent Iodine

Though there are many types of iodine supplements available, Thyroid Warrior is the most effective form of iodine available. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, Thyroid Warrior is sourced using the highest quality of pure iodine crystals available. The iodine we use has been forged thousands of feet below the earth’s surface from underwater brine wells, and this is called nascent iodine.


Also, Thyroid Warrior allows for efficient absorption of nascent iodine into the body. Our product is made using an electromagnetic field, which changes iodine’s atomic state. Thyroid Warrior is easier for your body to absorb and use immediately, meaning you can use less and get more out of the amazing health benefits associated with iodine.

The best part is that Thyroid Warrior is 100% safe to use as directed, as your body easily removes any excess iodine.

Safeguarding Your Thyroid Health

You can prevent or reverse issues caused by nodules by consuming 1-3 drops of Thyroid Warrior in a glass of water each day. It’s not only a great way to feel more energized and focused, but it will also fight developing thyroid nodules.

If you have been struggling with a thyroid disorder or have nodules and cysts developing, you can benefit from Thyroid Warrior. We invite you to learn more about how nascent iodine can help you by accessing our Thyroid Warrior information page.


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