The Connection Between an Iodine Deficiency and Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is a severe illness, affecting thousands of people around the world. In most cases, it can have a serious impact on relationships. It is challenging to see a loved one struggle through the treatment process. While more prevalent in older women, more and more young people are getting breast cancer. Today about 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. One of the reasons this could be occurring is iodine deficiency. The World Health Organization stated, iodine deficiency affects 72% of the world’s population. By reading on, you’ll learn more about what iodine is and how a lack of iodine could be impacting on your risk of getting both breast and thyroid cancer.

How Iodine is Linked to Breast Cancer

Cancer occurs when cells are growing uncontrollably, also known as Neoplasia. Though there are several reasons why breast cancer might occur, iodine might be a great way to reduce the risks that you will develop the disease. Researchers identified that iodine might be one of the best ways to control the growth of both malignant and benign cancers (1), and this can help explain the low incidence of breast cancer in Japanese women, who have a great deal of iodine in their diet, from consuming seaweed. With higher iodine levels, they can be sure that their bodies have the nutrients they need to control cell growth.

Also, consuming iodine might even be an effective way to treat some forms of cancer, and helping your body repair damaged cells. For example, iodine supplements have been used to treat or prevent Fibrocystic breast disease that can increase your chances of developing breast cancer in the future (2).

Other Risks of an Iodine Deficiency

In addition to a higher risk of breast and thyroid cancers, there are some other risk factors associated with low iodine levels. First, pregnant women should be sure to monitor their iodine levels, which is essential to ensuring that their children are born healthy. Sadly, there is research to suggest that iodine deficiency in pregnancy can affect the mental development of the fetus, causing mental retardation (3). In a clinical study, Dr. David Brownstein found that more than 96% of the 5,000 American patients he tested were iodine deficient. For this reason, pregnant women should be sure to be tested for iodine levels, and consider taking supplements.

Who Can Benefit from Iodine?

Iodine is an essential mineral that everyone needs and chances are, you’re not getting enough from a healthy diet alone. A study in 1998 showed that women are actually at the biggest risk of an iodine deficiency (4), which can increase their chances of getting diseases like breast and thyroid cancer. Iodine supplementation is also especially important for young women because of significant changes to the breasts during the puberty process. By getting adequate levels of iodine each day, new breast tissue can grow healthy (1).

Sadly, iodine deficiency is becoming more common amongst the general population because iodine has been increasingly removed from foods, like bread, which has made it harder to get it as part of your diet. The drop in average iodine levels has been occurring since the 1970s (5). To be sure that you aren’t affected, you should look out for symptoms, including swelling in your neck, unexpected weight gain, fatigue, trouble with learning, and feeling unusually cold.


As we’ve seen, if not appropriately treated, iodine deficiency can be a big problem. Thankfully, you can solve these problems by taking 1-3 drops of Thyroid Warrior in a cold glass of water each day. It’s a great way to not only feel more energized, and focused but also fight both breast cancer and thyroid cancer. Though there are many different types of iodine supplements available, Thyroid Warrior, is the most effective form of iodine available. There are a few reasons for this. First, it’s sourced using the highest quality, pure iodine crystals, which are forged thousands of feet below the earth’s surface from underwater brine wells. Thyroid Warrior is also made using an electromagnetic field, which changes the mineral’s atomic state, making the iodine easier for your body to absorb and use immediately. This means you use less and get more of the amazing health benefits associated with iodine. The best part is that any excess iodine is easily removed by your body, so it’s 100% safe to use as directed.


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