2 Key Nutrients to Fight Stress and Depression

2 Key Nutrients to Fight Stress

When you are trying to fight stress, depression and live the healthiest version of your life as possible, you want to make sure that you are taking the right supplements. Not all ingredients are made the same. If you are investing in your health, only the best products will help you with that. In this case, the propriety blend of magnesium and L-theanine is essential to helping you become the healthiest. We will help you to understand the benefits of these ingredients and how to choose the best blend.

The Most Absorbable Form of Magnesium

A common mistake people make is that they think all magnesium is the same. There are different forms, each offering their benefits. Dimagnesium malate is the best form of magnesium supplements for you to take, especially in the categories of tolerance, absorption, and bioavailability. According to a study on the slow-release formulation of dimagnesium malate, they noticed an increase of 30% in the magnesium content of the red blood cells. (1)

There was also a critical study on the tolerance of those who took dimagnesium malate. In this study, there was no adverse effect on a person who took this higher dose of magnesium, and there was even an improvement in the fecal consistency with this dosage. (Ashmead, et al., 2016) It was also proven that there is significantly better absorption with this proprietary blend of magnesium.

Why do these things matter? Bioavailability, tolerance, and absorption are all essential characteristics that you should be paying attention to when choosing supplements for your body. Tolerance refers to your body’s need for more medication when it gets used to a specific dosage. Absorption is how well the body’s bloodstream can absorb the medicine so that you can get the desired effects. Bioavailability is a newer concept in the medicinal world, but it has to do with how much of an active nutrient that your body absorbs, which is an essential factor to know about because you won’t absorb the actual amount of nutrients that you find on the label. There are plenty of factors that affect this, including ingredients that synergize with the nutrient to improve absorption. (2)

The Amazing Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is a nutrient that offers quite a few benefits for people to enjoy. One of the most significant benefits that you can gain from increasing your magnesium intake is that it can help improve your thyroid function and remedy an imbalance in your hormones. For instance, an increase in magnesium can help with PMS symptoms as well as symptoms related to menopause and it’s another great benefit of increasing your metabolism, which can help you maintain a healthier weight. (3)

There is also evidence that magnesium can be an excellent tool to help fight against depression. Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals in the human body, because magnesium plays a critical role in brain function and mood. Low levels of magnesium are linked to an increased risk of depression. (4,5)

The Benefits of L-Theanine

L-theanine is another natural compound that offers so many health benefits to the user, and it is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves as well as mushrooms. As it turns out, this compound can work wonders on your emotional and mental health. It can have an impact on the brain, assisting with numerous changes that can promote relaxation and sleep. These are things that are important for you to reduce your stress and offer you more focus. (6)

One of the ways that it can encourage relaxation and reduced stress is the way that it helps to improve your sleep. You can have an easier time falling asleep as well as getting a better quality of sleep because of the improved relaxation that can benefit you. Not only that, L-theanine is an anxiolytic, which means that it will reduce your anxiety and foster calmness. These are all things that will help increase your focus and attention span.

How These Ingredients Work Together

Supplements are only as good as the synergy between the different compounds. In this case, the combination of magnesium and L-theanine enhances the effects of each of these beneficial compounds. The patented form of L-theanine, known as “Suntheanine,” is far more powerful and a more effective mixture for the body to absorb. Best of all, unlike many other L-theanine products, you won’t experience the same problem of drowsiness. This proprietary compound is potent and effective, specially created to ensure consistency when using this product. (7)

When you purchase a product like Mellow Mood, you are getting a product that takes full advantage of these synergistic ingredients to help people get a calm, relaxed mind and body to fight stress and depression. Mellow Mood contains patented version magnesium known as dimagnesium malate, which has been proven to be more effective at giving you all of the benefits of magnesium without many of the nasty side effects. If you consume more than you need to, your kidneys are better able to process the excess out.

Mellow Mood is a top-rated product because it contains these patented forms of these compounds in a proprietary blend that will maximize results, and it is generally regarded as a safe product so that you can take it with confidence. If you need help ensuring that you get these essential ingredients in your body, you can count on Mellow Mood. You want something that will actually work and improve your life, meaning that you need a quality supplement that was made to achieve amazing results. These are two power ingredients that you may not have heard of before, but you will feel so much better when you try it for yourself.