Why use a lip scrub? Well, just like our body can use a gentle exfolation from time to time so do our lips! The lips are a sensitive area. With a little TLC your lips too can maintain a beautiful color and shape. Lips scrubs not only nurture, but also help minimize and eliminate dry, cracked lips.


Making your own lip scrub ensures all natural an fresh ingredients. My homemade Lemon Sugar lip scrub is super easy and fun to make... and it tastes amazing! Yes, you can eat it if you wish.


This lip scrub recipe is simply 4 ingredients. If you have been with Biowarrior for a while, the you should have these items in your pantry year round. Our first ingredient is olive oil.


Olive oil on the lips is great to soften lips, hydrate the lips, provide relief from chapped lips, and can act as a natural SPF protection.


The secound ingredient on the list is honey. Honey is a great natural beauty product and has been known for centuries to help skin become radiant and youthful. Honey is a anti-aging, moisturizing, and full of antioxidants. Honey is wonderful for keeping skin supple, fresh, hydrated, and rejuvenated.


Third, we have sugar. I personally use coconut sugar, but brown sugar or sugar in the raw will work great too. Sugar is a natural glycolic acid (also known as alpha hydroxy acid, natural occuring "food acid"). AHA's work by loosening the dull dead skin on the upper layer of skin to reveal newer healthier skin.


Lastly, we are going to use Doterra Lemon Essential Oil. There are many benefits to using lemon essential. For example lemon essential oil is great for boost immunity. It is rich in Vitamin C, it is also great for antiaging and boosting collegen production. But, for our lip scrub I used this scent becuase it is uplifting, relieves stress, and helps you feel more awake with a positive mental outlook.


Olive oil



Lemon essential oil

Glass jar with lid


Mix together all ingredients.

Place into a jar.

Store in refrigerator

To use, just place a fingertip full on your lips and lightly scrub in a circular motion.

Wipe off after a few secounds to a few minutes.